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360 feedback, also known as 360 appraisal or 360 review, is an excellent way of improving communication and performance management. 360 feedback, literally, provides individuals with all-round performance feedback from colleagues, manager(s), direct reports, customers and others. Crucially, it also compares their self-perception with how others see their performance.

Beacons offers an incredibly versatile, web-based 360 Feedback service,¬†which we have¬†delivered for thousands of people over the past 20 years. Totally flexible, every aspect can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, so you can focus on, or find answers to, whatever areas of development you wish.

You can download a sample Beacons 360 report here.

Our approach to 360 Feedback

a typical 360 reportThere are three key stages to deliver successful 360 feedback:

  • Orientation & Set up – Designing the questionnaire with you and briefing Subjects and Raters so that everyone understands how the process works and Raters appreciate that Subjects want their feedback: that this is not just an administrative chore for everyone to do.
  • Administration – the web based solution that efficiently and confidentially collects Raters’ feedback and creates the report which is fed back to each Subject
  • Feedback – Rather than the report just arriving on the Subject’s desk, we recommend each Subject discussing it immediately in an off-line, confidential meeting with a Beacons coach. This allows any difficulties, or questions to be addressed immediately and begins the process of constructing an action plan for what needs to done or changed.

Why not find out more about our 360 Feedback bureau service, and our full 360 Feedback service that includes coaching of each participant to ensure they take maximum benefit from this powerful process.

What are the benefits of outsourcing 360 Feedback to Beacons?

  • Our versatile software and flexible approach creates the highest quality and most effective survey design and tailored feedback system
  • Our reports combine both numeric ratings and comments after each question to give detailed and specific feedback – a “qualitative” output rather than just a “quantitative” one.
  • Beacons’ considerable experience in 360 helps you overcome the pitfalls and problems often associated with 360 Feedback and delivers efficient and productive results
  • The confidential one-to-one meeting with one of our coaches – the value of our “neutrality” cannot be overstated – facilitates a positive response to the feedback and encourages individuals to plan personal development.
  • A free Individual Development Plan application is available to each subject after the meeting to help with their responsibility for personal action planning.
  • We handle all the administration, whichever of our services you chose.
  • The 360 process can be repeated, after 9-12 months, to measure progress and enable futher personal development.

What we offer

We offer three different 360 Feedback services:


For suggested strategies for overcoming resistance in your organisation to 360 feedback, read Strategies for overcoming Resistance

To understand more about Best Practice in 360 feedback, read 360 Best Practice Guidelines.

The Next Step

For more information about applying our approach to 360 feedback to meet the needs of your organisation, please contact us.

If you are not based in the United Kingdom, bear in mind that our 360 Feedback service is almost entirely managed on-line and by email. Please do contact us for more information wherever you are!