360 Survey OwlDesign and Administration only

Powerful, versatile 360 degree feedback using online questionnaires. Beacons’ Bureau Service helps you design your 360 feedback questionnaire, provides materials for you to brief the 360 feedback participants and then administers the data collection process.

We upload the questionnaire on to a secure server for on-line responses and also make it available by email or paper version. All responses are downloaded directly to us. We then collate all the completed feedback and send you the compiled reports, with you delivering the one-to-one reviews internally.

In other words, our bureau service takes care of all the administration and processing work, allowing you to maximise your time action-planning and coaching your staff.

The Next Step

For more information about applying our approach to 360 feedback to meet the needs of your organisation, please contact us.

If you are not based in the United Kingdom, bear in mind that our 360 Feedback service is almost entirely managed on-line and by email. Please do contact us for more information wherever you are!