360 Survey OwlBeacons full 360 feedback service provides everything for you, including questionnaire design, briefing participants, administration of the feedback process, executive summary and coaching of the participants (‘Subjects’) as they receive their feedback.


We design the questionnaire with you, using agreed competencies where they exist, drawing from our extensive survey library database of questions, or using a selection from both. 15-20 questions is a sufficient number, provided that they cover a full range of important performance and behaviour criteria, as comments are given after each question.

We agree all of the other variables – the scale, the list of respondents and their relationships, any additional questions etc. – with you. Significantly, we also agree the reporting procedure before we start – see Reporting below.

Respondents or ‘Raters’ are drawn from those people who know the ‘Subject’ and should be from a range of different relationships, to achieve a true 360 perspective. In addition, each Subject answers the same questions about himself or herself.

Briefing  Participants

  • We set up orientation sessions for all participants (Subjects and (ideally) Raters) to ensure that everyone understands the concept and the procedure. In our experience this increases both the response rate and the quality of responses.

Administering the Questionnaire

  • We upload the questionnaire with full instructions on to a secure server for online responses. We can also make it available as a hard copy.
  • We collect and collate all the completed feedback. All responses come directly to us, so they remain confidential and anonymous.


  • We produce an individual report for each participant. The report is tailored to your requirements, but usually includes the averaged numeric ratings, a comparison of the Raters’ feedback with the Subject’s own self rating, and all the comments.
  • We present and review each report one-to-one with the Subject, off-site and off-line.
  • Each Subject’s report should remain confidential. However, in our one-to-one review we encourage the Subject, having digested the feedback, to share with his or her manager the feedback and the personal development plan they produce from it.

A happy team

The Next Step

For more information about applying our approach to 360 feedback to meet the needs of your organisation, please contact us.