Leading the Way - GeeseA year-long talent development opportunity for your high potential staff to stretch themselves and develop new skills and confidence. Often ambitious, young and impatient to progress, HiPo provides a perfect opportunity to develop and recognise the talent of the high potential people who could be your future managers and leaders.

“I strongly recommend HiPo. Individuals explore their strengths and weaknesses in a safe, constructive environment and take something away from every well-managed, engaging activity or discussion. [HiPo has] … given me the determination and confidence to make a difference and facilitate positive change”   (AM)


Beacons High Potential programme focuses on:high potential people

  • Building confidence in individual participants
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Working on some development areas
  • Planning long-term work on other development areas
  • Building HiPo participants into a strong team

Key features of HiPo

  • 100% developmental, with virtually no assessment other than at the selection stage
  • Runs for about 12 months, with quarterly off-site courses, on-site meetings and mentoring, plus in-house work-related projects
  • Rigorous and quite demanding selection process ensures that being a HiPo participant is an achievement and something of value
  • Selection process runs internally, using a variety of selection tools including recommendations, psychometrics, interview and presentation
  • Content tailored to the needs of the participants and of your business, drawing on a wide range of leadership, management, team development and personal coaching resources.
  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support, during and after the HiPo year. This is used extensively by participants, with the relationship extending long after the programme officially finishes.
  • Develops a high performing HiPo team that supports, encourages and challenges each other during the HiPo programme and for years thereafter.
  • Run on a regular 1-2 year basis, each HiPo programme allows previous participants to become mentors for the next HiPo

“It’s hard to articulate just what a difference this program has made to me, both in and out of work. All our training days were in every way fantastically organised – everything from paperwork and equipment to outdoor activities and catering was spot on. We got honest feedback, situations that stretched our abilities, opportunities to push our boundaries, lots of challenges to our normal ways of thinking, sound strategies and guidance for making changes both in work and in our personal lives” (RH SunGard)

“[You have] a wonderful ability to listen to people and empathise with their situation which when applied with your training knowledge is an incredibly powerful tool towards helping people reach their goals”  (JW)

Please contact us to discuss how we can meet the needs and ambition of your high potential people.