Leading the Way - GeeseMiddle Leaders typically have some responsibility for other staff, but are not part of any senior management team. A term widely used in education and schools, Middle Leaders applies equally well to businesses and other public sector organisations. Retention, talent development and increasing the self-confidence of Middle Leaders’ can be critical to your organisation’s performance today and in future years. Otherwise, Middle Leaders may become disenchanted and seek opportunities elsewhere, or become stuck as ‘just’ technically excellent in their role, possibly managing the present well but not acting or developing as a leader.

In schools, Middle Leaders are typically aspiring to or acting as Head of Year, Head of Department or a Pastoral Head. In business, a Middle Leader is likely to be a Team Leader, Manager of a department or team, or perhaps someone identified as High Potential for the organisation’s future.

Beacons provides a wide range of courses and personal development for Middle Leaders. For some, our Leadership in Action programme may be just right. Personal coaching/ can often be a big help as well. Specifically for schools, we have developed a range of modules and coaching sessions which form a very successful Middle Leaders Programme for teachers.

Middle Leaders Programme

Aimed at those aspiring, or recently appointed, to positions of leadership in school, Middle Leaders comprises five or six twilight sessions, a whole day team skills programme and some 360 feedback.

Spread over 2-3 months, with ongoing coaching support externally and mentoring from within school, this guarantees a high impact. The benefits are immediate:

  • Most participants find increased self-confidenceMiddle Leaders
  • A range of useful tools and tips help them manage and lead their teams more effectively
  • Improves your school’s performance in the short-term
  • Creates a pool of talent to step up in to other leadership roles as they arise

The programme can run within your school or be shared with staff from several schools. Key education-related sessions, such as Data Analysis or Classroom Observation are delivered by teaching professionals, who also share the delivery of the management and leadership sessions with Beacons’ coaches.

The combination of our and your experience ensures the programme extends participants’ knowledge and understanding, whilst keeping the content highly relevant to your school in particular.

The programme provides valuable content and an often rare opportunity for reflective time and self evaluation. Participants gain increased confidence from their understanding of managing and leading in a school environment and will often take on bigger roles and responsibilities as a result.

“The course was informative, practical and helpful in improving my management performance and therefore Teaching and Learning in our department”

“Absolutely essential for people who have been recently appointed Middle Managers or those who are thinking of taking on some responsibilities”

“Extremely helpful in preparing for future promotions. Excellent practical advice, stimulating discussion and materials”

Leadership Twilight sessionsLeadership Plus

Twilight sessions can also be used to bring management and leadership topics to a larger group of staff. This might be your Senior Leadership Team or Year/ Department Heads for example. These sessions not only provide useful insights for participants but create a talking point for the whole group during and after the session, which can be used with the rest of the school.

Up to 15-20 participants can be accommodated, making the cost per head extremely good value. Sessions take place on-site, lasting up to two hours, either after school or as part of an INSET day.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop the leadership skills and self-confidence of your Middle Leaders.