Teamwork - penguinsBeacons Away Days provide practical, enjoyable, thought-provoking time for a team to take stock, improve effectiveness, or change how things are done. You choose the mix of practical activities, workshops, discussion or work-related presentations to suit your team’s needs. The day can be a one-off team event or may be linked to business planning sessions, strategy workshops, a work or team conference or a sales conference.



video teambuildingAway Days are usually booked by existing teams who need some time out of the office, to take stock or to spend some time together that isn’t just about getting the job done. Getting to know colleagues better, understanding the different roles that team-mates take and appreciating the different strengths and weaknesses of each team member are all team building Oscars filmimportant actions that ‘oil the wheels’ of the processes by which teams get work done. Without this, getting things done is slow, frustrating and littered with errors and obstacles. A high performing team achieves more, faster and with greater motivation and enjoyment.

Options range from a few short team building activities, or a day in a great venue with some enjoyable, memorable and elaborate team projects, to substantial team events, such as a sales conference or our Oscars themed project which combines making and promoting a film with a gala red carpet awards dinner.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.