Teamwork - penguinsBeacons practical, enjoyable, outdoor team building programmes allow teams to share some excitement and some experiences that will be new to most. If you want to improve team work whilst enjoying some fresh air, great scenery and outdoor activities like orienteering, raft building, high ropes or canoeing, then Beacons Outdoor Team Building is for you. The outdoors is a terrific learning environment for team building and we can deliver your programme in some great locations, from the Lake District to Somerset, Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons.

Our one, two or three-day outdoor team building programmes help your team to begin a process of change in a hugely memorable way, that will generate, immediate visible results and a lasting positive impact on the culture back at work.

climbing team building projectFollow-up meetings with the team as a whole back at work, and individual coaching if needed, help to monitor progress and to ensure that new skills are being applied. Beforehand, pre-event meetings ensure that everyone has the chance to contribute and is comfortable with what your programme will and won’t include. A Beacons programme is much more than a one-off event!

We have been creating team building programmes with the right balance between practical activities, reviews, workshop sessions and social time together since 1987.

“Beacons quickly established areas in which our team was strong and areas that needed development, and acted constructively to encourage and improve team working. Their staff were insightful and helpful, and moreover professional and fun.” (DASA Corporate Systems)

Team Building Programme Options

The outdoors is a terrific learning environment for team building. ‘Outdoors’ doesn’t have to mean ‘Outward Bound’! We raft building projectdesign and set up practical team projects, lasting from 30 minutes to 3 hours, mostly with an outdoor element. Customised to your objectives, they provide different and memorable opportunities to practice team skills in an unfamiliar environment, without being physically demanding.

Our ratio of 5 or 6 participants to one Beacons coach, enables us to work closely with everyone and maintain a high standard of supervision and safety. No one is expected to do anything they don’t want to do: On a Beacons programme, every team member can play a full part. Age or fitness is no barrier.

“Good fun with sharp learning points” (Government Office for the South East)

All of our programmes are unique! Whether they are one, two or three days, whether there are 6 team members or 40, whether they are to include workshops or only activities – we design them with your team in mind. Please call us with your basic requirements and we will email you some options to consider.

Beacons Team Building Venues

Liquidation outdoor team building projectTeam building with Beacons can take place at any suitable venue of your choice, or you can chose from a wide variety of refreshingly different venues throughout England and Wales. The right venue for you will depend on the type of outdoor programme, the time available and your budget.

Hotel costs range from £30 to £50 per person ‘day-rate’ and £100 to £150 per person ’24-hour-rate’. Local sports clubs and colleges can often provide very economical facilities for non-residential away days. We can also offer excellent bunkhouse-type accommodation in some amazing locations.

“Following our return to the office, everyone has displayed full commitment to implementing the changes that will enable us to become a better team

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.