Teamwork - penguinsWhether you are building a new team, merging teams together or have an under performing team, our practical, challenging and thought provoking team building programmes create a great environment to raise performance quickly. Our one, two or three-day team development programmes help your team to identify issues and initiate difficult or challenging changes in a safe and supported environment. Our expert coaches help with the difficult issues and provide memorable and enjoyable activities that assist the process, to deliver tangible results and a lasting positive impact back at work.

Follow-up meetings with the team back at work, remote support for anyone who needs help and individual coaching if needed, combine to ensure that new skills are being applied. Beforehand, pre-event meetings ensure that everyone has the chance to contribute to the agenda for the programme. A Beacons programme is much more than a one-off event!

We have been creating team building programmes with the right balance between practical activities, reviews, workshop sessions and the social agenda since 1987.

  • “In addition to understanding the vital components of team work, we came away with an important set of agreed principles as to how we could improve our business performance going forward” (CR, Saint-Gobain Rencol)

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Our programmes consist of a blend of workshop sessions and practical activities, developed with you. Customised to your objectives, the activities provide variety, memorable moments and opportunities to practice the new team skills and behaviours being developed for your team. Workshops might include learning about team roles, high performing teams or communication skills, as well as working on the issues identified by your team.

Our ratio of 5 or 6 participants to one Beacons coach, enables us to work closely with everyone. Every team member plays a full part, but we don’t ask anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Activities are varied and contained many roles, so neither age not fitness is no barrier.

  • “Teambuilding that actually works!” (Amey Ventures)

Whether your programme is one, two or three days, whether there are 6 team members or 20, whether it is to be mostly workshop or mainly activities – we design it with your team in mind. Please call us with your basic requirements and we will email you some options to consider.

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Team development with Beacons can take place at any suitable venue of your choice, or you can chose from a wide variety of proven venues throughout England and Wales.

Hotel costs range from £30 to £50 per person ‘day-rate’ and £100 to £150 per person ’24-hour-rate’. Local sports clubs and colleges can often provide very economical facilities for non-residential away days. We can also recommend excellent bunkhouse-type accommodation for overnight stays in various parts of England and Wales. As part of our service, at no charge, we will book and manage the venue for you.

  • “Very valuable. I trusted the Beacons team with handling emerging problems – particularly impressed by Beacons’ leadership and frequent review of objectives with me” (DASA Manager)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.