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Coaching is a powerful development tool, helping people achieve their goals – whatever those goals may be. Beacons team of highly experienced team of coaches work 1:1 with managers, team leaders and high potential employees, providing a non-directive way of developing valuable people that produces great results! We work in a practical, open style that helps the individual explore and use whatever they need to achieve their goals.


The first step is often to help clarify precisely what those goals are, as the coaching need may arise from several different directions:

  • Life and Career Goals
  • Personal impact and influence
  • Leadership  and Management skills and behaviours
  • Development needs identified by 360 degree feedback, another of our specialist areas


Benefits to the organisation:

  • Retain young talent
  • Address sensitive performance or interpersonal issues
  • Improve personal and team effectiveness
  • Quicker and more effective career changes e.g. from manager to director
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction survey ratings

Benefits to the individual:

  • Increased awareness of my own skills and how I can use them
  • Greater practical understanding of my personal impact – ‘how I come across’
  • Working on areas I want to develop, in private
  • Clearer life and career goals, so I understand my fit with the organisation
  • Improving confidence and competence


How it works

Our Coaching programmes are bespoke to each client, and can be easily tailored to your needs. We always agree a Coaching Plan with each individual, to ensure the coaching is relevant and integrated with key priorities. Every plan starts with personal objectives written by the individual.  A typical coaching scenario is:

  • initial meeting to agree objectives and a session plan
  • typically 6 to 12 sessions, of 2-3 hours
  • final review
  • sessions remain confidential between the coach and individual
  • if agreed up front, main outcomes are discussed with the sponsor at the end of the assignment

Alternatively, weekly telephone coaching sessions can provide cost-effective, incremental progress over time towards significant objectives


Beacons coaches

Beacons coaches bring a variety of skills and experience to suit your needs, including qualifications in:

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Psychometric tests – registered with the British Psychological Society
  • The University of Life!

For more information about coaching, please contact us.