4animals“Beacons is without doubt the most effective and inspirational training supplier that I have ever worked with” (JW SunGard)

“The course was highly enjoyable, full of useful content and planned very well. It was also brilliant to see that all the trainers were able to answer questions quickly, but competently. All the responses were clear, well communicated, and made sense! Overall, a fantastic package!” (JM AWE)

“Excellent customised programme meeting individual needs. Added value – not ‘off the shelf’. Beacons style – highly effective, simple techniques clearly explained.” (BCLSC)

“Our time with Beacons was the most challenging and rewarding experience our team has faced together. Individually and collectively we were given new insights, perspectives, ideas and plans. Our team was not badly formed or in obvious need of corrective direction and yet we learnt and grew together more in our two days than since when our team was first formed. Many, many thanks, highly recommended!” (CC Newport City Council)