Perfect place to reflectWhat we offer

Beacons walking and coaching weekends in the Brecon Beacons provide the environment and expertise to give you a truly enjoyable and productive breathing space. The atmosphere is relaxed, light hearted and supportive. You choose the activities that best suit you and there’s a team of experienced coaches to help throughout.

If you’ve been on a Beacons programme, then you already know our down to earth style and the number of relaxed but valuable conversations that crop up! Many people have said they’d like to come back and “get a top up” or refocus, or want colleagues, friends or family to share the experience.

There’s plentiful home-cooked food, from cake to full cooked breakfast and wholesome dinners, using local, natural produce. There’s guided walks each day to explore and discover places off the beaten track – nothing too physical unless you particularly want that!

Gentle walks - Big viewsWe’re usually back by early afternoon for tea and cake, then there’s a range of “mix and match” options for you: Relaxing is important – you’re free to indulge in an afternoon snooze! You might fancy a massage or reflexology session from one of our experienced therapists. You could discover something that you didn’t think you could do (whether it’s walking up that hill or making a decent loaf of bread), or just chat.

The coaches are part of the team and are always available, providing a space for you to clarify your thoughts or explore some goal or obstacle that’s currently on your radar, providing access to some of the most insightful profiling tools that are usually only available in a business setting.

Gentle walks, coaching & inspirationYou can work with one coach, or try them all during the weekend. They’re all highly experienced, safe and easy going.

Finally, round off your day with home-cooked dinner with local produce, and relax by the huge fire in the lounge before turning in for a cosy night in your traditional farmhouse room.

This is personal time, flexible, no pressure. Just stacks of inspiring views, inspiring people and a space for you to slow down, recuperate, refocus, have fun or stretch your horizons, …. whatever you want.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably got your own reasons why these weekends might interest you – but here’s some of our recent feedback just to whet your appetite further…

“It was, without a doubt, one of the best weekends away I’ve ever spent …. the people, the scenery (and the (large amount of!) food!) made it the best experience ever. It was a perfect climate where I certainly felt able to move in and out of conversation with different people with an ease I don’t think I’ve ever experienced” (Barclays Bank)

“I had a lovely weekend – breathtaking scenery and inspiring company – thank you very much for organizing it so thoughtfully” (AB Coaching)

“I came away with lots of ideas about what I love to do and where my key strengths are (the ability to stay calm, think rationally and hold a space throughout a crisis are definitely now included!) and the best thing was having the chance to discover again what makes my heart sing with likeminded people” (Natural Leadership)

Prices start from £350 for 3 nights full board in a shared room, with all coaching, guided walks, massage/reflexology, and workshop sessions included. To book or find out more, contact us .